Marvel Farms

Superior Genetics for Red Brangus Cattle

We offer the best Red Brangus genetics, including our 15 Star bull, Marvel's Red Gator 2/6 (as rated by GenSTAR). Our family started raising cattle in 1981, not knowing that we would come to love the work and lifestyle that comes with the territory. We have had Red Brangus for over thirty years and we wanted to showcase the cattle we love in this website. Embryos, semen, and calves are available from our bulls and cows.
Red cattle have always been our choice. The red coloring allows the cows to work better during the long hot days in our climate. The brahman influence helps the cattle have heat and disease resistance, as well as giving cattle longevity for more a productive life. The Red Angus breed is proven to give the best quality meat for flavor and tenderness, even better than the black Angus meat. Since we began raising cattle, our goal has been to have cows and bulls that were healthy, efficient, and safe to handle. With this in mind, over the years we only kept cattle that were sound, correct, productive, cost-effective, and gentle. All of these qualities are inheritable. The Red Brangus breed has always required registered animals to have good dispositions. Disposition has been proven to be a trait that is 60% inheritable. Using gentle females and bulls can decrease your risk for personal injury and property damage from your cattle. Also, cattle with poor dispositions become stressed more easily, causing inferior carcass quality and less profitable livestock. All of these reasons made Red Brangus the best choice for us.
In the last few years we have added new genetics to our herd, so you will see some additions from Red Angus and other Red Brangus ranches. These additions have proved to be very successful. With the demand for our cattle increasing, we are also offering semen and embryo from our best cattle.
We value all the friendships, joys, trials, and tribulations that are part of this business. We hope you enjoy the pictures and decide to join us in our future successes. Please come visit us. We love to show off our "babies". your paragraph here.